The Real Exorcist Movie

"درباره فیلم "اغواگر زیبا

مائیکو، زنی زیبا و زیرک به دنبال مردی مناسب است. یک شب، مائیکو با تارو ملاقات می کند که یک کاندیدا برای رسیدن به مقام نخست وزیر است. همه چیز طبق برنامه ریزی مائیکو پیش می رود، اما تارو درمی یابد که مائیکو یک "یوما" است که هدف نابود کردن ملت را در سر دارد. تقدیر آنها چه خواهد بود؟

بازیگران فیلم

Meet The Cast of The Real Exorcist Movie
بازیگران فیلم

عوامل ساخت فیلم

Meet The Crew of The Real Exoricst Movie
عوامل ساخت فیلم


The first song is "Beautiful Lure", sung by Producer Takeuchi. You can watch the full music video on YouTube!

There are different kinds of love in this world. Is your love being "love that gives and nurtures others?" ♡
#BeautifulLure #HisaakiTakeuchi

#BeautifulLure on VOD & DVD in 3 weeks!
There are 7 original songs created by the executive producer Okawa for this film. Producer Takeuchi talks about the songs in the next 4 videos! When we create films, we usually make songs first, hope you enjoy the songs along with the film!

The last message video from Nao and Ryoma! 🙏🏻 Hope you now have a better idea of what this movie is about!

Beautiful Lure - A Modern Tale of Painted Skin will be on VOD & DVD August 10th, 2021

#beautifullure #paintedskin #youma #foxydemon #ryuhookawa #RyomaIchihara #NaoHasegawa

The emotional moment...

The last scene is the biggest surprise of this film!!
If you haven't seen it, please check it out when it's out on Video on Demand! 

#beautifullure #moderntale #paintedskin #youma #foxydemon #hsproductions #ryuhookawa #RyomaIchihara #Naohasegawa

Taro wouldn't be the same Taro without the other casts!! Ryoma expresses his gratitude towards other casts ❤️

This film is made with a lot of casts and crew's love. If you already saw #beautifullure, please watch it again feeling our great appreciation and love!

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